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Curriculum Writing, Design and Auditing

If you are just beginning the Curriculum Mapping or revision process or working to take it to the next level, we offer support services to help successfully Map and align your curriculum to include Culturally Responsive and Universal DesignPractices.

Our services include short-term and long-term contracts. We can facilitate the work or join your team as a consulting writer and/or reviewer. Members of our team have worked with public, charter and independent schools, religious schools,  post-secondary institutions, service centers, and organizations to provide a wide variety of customized services.

How We Can Support you with....

  • Aligning curriculum, assessment, and instruction to the Common Core Standards

  • Creating a curriculum to support 21st century teaching and learning

  • Aligning all instructional Curriculum Mapping components including Essential Questions, Big Ideas, Content, Skills, Assessments, Activities, and Resources

  • Upgrading the curriculum – what to keep, what to delete, what to create

  • Upgrading assessments to include choice (UDL)

  • New structures, groupings, etc

  • Electronic tools for continuous feedback and self-evaluation of the implementation by the teacher leaders, network partners, and teachers.

  • Develop assessment strategies that are used as tools to focus and inform instruction

Coaching, Editing, and Auditing Maps

  • provide feedback to individual teachers on entries on maps

  • coach individual and teams in alignment and upgrades on maps

  • review consensus maps to check for alignment with elements and standards

  • provide feedback to leaders and leadership teams on professional development maps

  • examine content and explore strategies to incorporate UDL and CRT practices

  • develop electronic resources and tools to upgrade curriculum, instruction, and assessment

  • aligning curriculum with the assessments used to monitor student achievement gains

  • provide a common language for assessment benchmarks among staff and constituents


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