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MISaid will conduct a pre-post survey across your entire school employing both quantitative and qualitative methods which will serve to shed light on various issues that may be present in your school. The data will be provided to your school for your knowledge and further use.

Both the teacher and student surveys  explore and measure perceptions of: 

  • academic performance 

  • quality of friendships

  • identifying emotions

  • regulating emotions

  • feelings of safety at school

  • understandings of mindfulness

  • willingness to adopt mindfulness as a school  

  • barriers and enablers contributing to embracing a mental health and mindfulness culture

  • future solutions to adopting mental health and mindfulness in the classrooms 

  • parent satisfaction

  • community engagement 

MISaid collates the data from the school surveys and will meet with the school to offer comprehensive strategies to overcome the barriers identified in your school and work in partnership with you to find the solutions moving forward to embrace a mental health and mindfulness culture at your school.

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