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Iffeisha Gordon-Toppin

Counsellor | Educational Consultant| CEO | Mindfulness Expert |
Keynote Speaker | Emotional Literacy| Life and Wellness Coach

Having and or working towards having a healthy mind is not in any way, shape or form a new phenomenon. Mindfulness practices and the psychology of how the mind and what we think and believe impact our lives and how we show up to and for ourselves and the world have existed for centuries, lifetimes, if you will. 


The motivation and intention behind the work I engage in with my clients and ultimate formation of this Practise, were derived from my simply experiencing the improved well-being, cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits of engaging in mindfulness practices for over a decade, engaging in therapy myself, multiple self-work retreats, holistic healing ceremonies and initiations.  

Throughout ​my many educational experiences I became fascinated with psychology and how the human brain works, in particular with the concept of 'Neuroplasticity' - the idea that the brain can change itself through exposure to new environments and new trainings and new ways of thinking.


I have been engaging in these practice for over 15 years, discovering the benefits of practicing mindfulness techniques, therapy and healing after experiencing a traumatic event. I have since seen firsthand through mine and others' experiences the benefits of these practices when implemented artfully and consistently in both kids and adults alike.

I believe living mindfully, with a healthy mind is the way to be content and have chosen and want to share my learning, experience and work with as many people as I possible can in every modality I am qualified and experienced to do so in.

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