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​eTherapy/ Online Counselling

Newlywed Couple

When to Seek Relationship Counseling 

Many people think that relationship counseling can only be sought when a breakup or divorce is imminent. However, this might be too late. Relationship counseling should begin as soon as the issues become too much to bear. Here are some indicators that a consultation could be beneficial to you:

  • You have difficulty communicating your concerns to one another.

  • You multiple  unresolvable conflicts.

  • In the relationships, there is reticence, critique, or resentment.

  • You experienced infidelity 

  • You want to share something with your partner and need advice on how to do so or a mediator to help facilitate the conversation.



What to Expect in Relationship Counseling

Be willing to address questions about:

  1. your romantic relationship,

  2. your family, and

  3. previous relationships.

Your therapist may wish to speak with everyone at the same time as well as separately in different sessions

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