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Educator In-Person and Online Counselling & Coaching

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Research has proven that the results of coaching include:

  • Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness 

  • Individuals using their strengths more effectively

  • Improvement in personal and family life

  • Sustainable change

  • Improvements in resilience

  • Development of strategic thinking skills

“Coaching is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and see our leadership traits and situations from a different perspective.”

Creating a Culture Where Wellbeing and Productivity can be developed Simultaneously

If you are feeling like your current situation is not sustainable. 

You are feeling burnt out and see yourself missing out on joy and success that you are


          Imagine what could be possible with the right support, tools and accountability. 

You only need the willingness ..

            You have capacity to make the changes to get out of survival mode.

At MindHealth Coaching and Consulting, we’re proud of our personal development work with individuals (one on one) and in small groups. Whatever your challenge, investing in high-quality, research-based life coaching will help you improve outcomes, both for your individual self and for the people you interact with.

Life coaching


  • Increased Self-Awareness

  • Internal Alignment

  • Rewire Brain Habits

  • Increased Intuition

  • Identify Unconscious Beliefs and Blind Spots

  • Improved Well-Being and Vitality

  • Resilience and Joy

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Purpose and Prosperity

  • Living by Essence

  • Healthier Relationships

  • Personal Sovereignty

  • Neuro and Emotional Regulation

How we do it

  • ​We work with the client's schedule to provide virtual or in-person sessions at regular and consistent intervals. The initial sessions are used to understand the client’s strengths and weaknesses, which then inform the development of personalized solutions oriented action plan.
    •  sessions are available in virtual 60 to 90-minute increments in the morning and evening,  enabling you to access needed coaching, anytime – even outside of traditional business hours.  

    • Due to our coaching being delivered virtually as well, geographic limitations and travel are not an issue. ​

75 minute Initial Intake Session: $150

Required for all first-time clients. We will delve into relationship, family, career, and personal history to get to the root of your issues, and get a clear sense of direction as to what we need to focus on. During this session, we will clarify your goals, personal values, and discuss practices you can do individually to supplement what we do together.


  • Assessment

  • Exploration and Discovery Session

  • Counselling or Coaching Agreement

  • Book Session Intervals

What we do

  • help individuals to get focused and grounded by:

  • Providing a confidential, space to test ideas;

  • Helping tyo manage or regain energy and focus;

  • Recapturing a sense of clarity and purpose; and

  • Think partner for navigating tough decisions.

30 minute Discovery Call: FREE

for new and interested 1:1 clients
A free phone consultation for new clients to briefly discuss what you're looking for from therapy, identify your goals, and clarify any questions you may have.

Get in Touch

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