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"The mind is just like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand."

Idowu Koyenikan 

Question: Is this needed at my school.....

All schools have different levels M I Said will conduct a pre-post survey across your entire school employing both quantitative and qualitative methods which will serve to shed light on various issues that may be present in your school. The data will be provided to your school for your knowledge and further use.

Both the teacher and student surveys  explore and measure perceptions of: 

  • academic performance 

  • quality of friendships

  • identifying emotions

  • regulating emotions

  • feelings of safety at school

  • understandings of mindfulness

  • willingness to adopt mindfulness as a school  

  • barriers and enablers contributing to embracing a mental health and mindfulness culture

  • future solutions to adopting mental health and mindfulness in the classrooms 

  • parent satisfaction

  • community engagement 


MISaid collates the data from the school surveys and will meet with the school to offer comprehensive strategies to overcome the barriers identified in your school and work in partnership with you to find the solutions moving forward to embrace a mental health and mindfulness culture at your school.


Business Meeting

Question: It's needed, but where do we start.....

We can work with you to explore:

  • Your goals as a school

  • The challenges you are experiencing

  • Custom tailor our offerings based on your school's individual needs. 

  • Agree on a plan moving forward for your school's mental well being 

Girl at School

Question: Can you help us to build the foundations..... 

MISaid  delivers an insightful, age-appropriate 30 minute introductory Presentation to every classroom at your school to help students and teachers see and understand the link between mindfulness, mental well being and the brain. This whole school approach will allow students and teachers

  • to understand the same universal concepts

  • Utilise and speak the same language across the school

Props are utilised during sessions to illustrate concepts such as neuroplasticity, brain training and emotional regulation at a level children can easily perceive. Furthermore, props also serve to make the presentation fun and engaging for children to enhance their learning and retention of mindfulness and mental well being concepts explored.  ​​


Depending on the size of your school, this process can take  up to 2 weeks to complete. 


Question: Can you help us find trained consultants to conduct the sessions.....

MISaid  can deliver the mindfulness and mental wellbeing program on behalf of teachers with various options available. We can also recommend

local mindfulness consultants to provide these services as core or elective.


  • 25 (1.5 hr) sessions can be delivered weekly in the classroom during an allocated free period. 


  • 25 (1.5 hr) sessions can be introduced after school as a 'Mindfulness Club' with parents consent to elect their child to participate.​​

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Question: Can we just have some further training for our school based staff.....

We up skill teachers with strategies and solutions to promote and implement a mental wellness and mindfulness culture 

Training Workshops we Deliver Include:

  • How to introduce Mental Well being into your School

  • How to Make 'boring' Mindfulness Fun and Engaging in the Classroom

  • Dealing with Resistance to the Mental Wellness Program from Parents and Teachers

  • Reducing Student Behavioural Challenges to Mindfulness in the classroom

professional developmnet training sessio
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