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Daily Mindfulness Practice when you work from home

During stressful times it is important to center yourself through building consistency around your Mindfulness practices. Some techniques that you can use are:

1. Start each day with a calming meditation practice and set and intention for the day. Upon waking up take three deep breaths that you exhale slowly. (do your own practice or guided from Youtube)

2. Think about three things that you can do sprinkled through the day that will give you joy and peace and jot those down.

3. Do some yoga stretches in or out of bed.

4. Make your bed

5. Begin your day - keeping in mind and checking in to make sure you are doing at least three things that bring you joy (a short walk in your backyard, a short stretch sequence, cup of your favorite tea or coffee, petting your pet, watering at plant, journalling, texting a friend)

6. At the end of your day reflect on everything you did- note what brought you peace and joy

7. Meditate (do your own practice or guided from Youtube)

8. Power-down technology and get into bed

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